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Prosper Club Inc and BIGCoin Scam

This Blog will tell the truth about Prosper Club or Prosper Inc and their fraudulent activities and all the people behind Prosper Inc out of Hong Kong and Dubai and all their partners and people involved.

Have you been fooled to think that you can make money in Prosper?

Have you been fooled to believe that BIGcoin is the next big thing and better than Bitcoin?

Please contacts us and write your story here on the message board and blog so we can prevent them from stealing money from more people.

Prosper Inc with BIGcoin scamJarle Thorsen, Mr John Ng, Sebastian Greenwood and Bjorn Thomas together with several other people will now be exposed to the truth and have to take the consequences of stealing millions of dollars from innocent people.

Previous founders and top management of scams like Unaico and Sitetalk and now Prosper Inc.

Over the past week to hide what they are doing towards the authorities Prosper Inc has changed their home page.

They used to have BigCoin in their main menu over products but have now taken this off.

These guys want you to pay USD 5,000 for a so called Gold Package of some digital education and a business opportunity.

How stupid do you think people are?

Regretfully we are informed that many people have been promised a ground floor opportunity in Prosper Inc and Bigcoin and if they join today they will of course have the “world” or China “under them”.

This is of course not true at all.


Prosper Inc changed their website in middle of March 2014 and their member packages and how they promote them.
As you can see from the picture above they have removed Loopium Card and Bigcoin part in the official package.

Prosper Inc member packages March 2014

Of course the BIG promo pack is actually the BIGcoin part.


There are a whole gang of conmen behind Prosper Inc but let us start with the headlights and then move on to details.

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 06.44.32First of all Jarle Thorsen is part of the Founders of Prosper Inc. Jarle Thorsen stole millions of dollars from people in Europe and China with his previous scam Unaico and Sitetalk.

He got his friend Sebastian Greenwood also from his old Sitetalk to join him.
Sebastian Greenwood participated in stealing millions of dollars and is now based in Hong Kong, Thailand and Dubai to sell worthless shit to people in Asia for Jarle Thorsen.

bjorn thomas scamThe conman Sebastian Greenwood do not go anywhere without bringing along his business partner Bjorn Thomas from previous Sitetalk and TOWAH. Bjorn Thomas is famous for his history of money laundering for the MLM guys and is now behind the scenes doing internet design and web design work together with friends that he had from his last venture that went down the train, Loopium.

Then let us also mention Ronnie Skold or Ronnie Sköld in Swedish written language that is fronted as the President.
He was previously involved in several MLM s that was fraud and closed down, example the Matrix MLM company.

More info to come now over next days. About these conmen and

ronnie skold scam